Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Worst Kind of Heartbreak

I love you
And once, you loved me too

But then, something changed
And after that, nothing was ever the same.

You told me you didn't love me anymore,
That you had fall in love with someone else, with some little ------.

I yelled at you, called you all sorts of ugly names,
And you said that this was a long time coming, that you were tired of all my little "games".

But of course, I had no idea what you were talking about
Probably just an excuse to make yourself feel better, no doubt.

I told you to go and to never come back
And you didn‘t waste time, already starting to pack

I sat there on our bed, dazed, as you slammed drawer after drawer
And, when you finally walked out the door,

I  let myself cry
And in that moment, I wanted to die

I hated you , for making me feel that way
But I loved you, too, and I still do, to this very day.

And you hurt me so freaking badly,
And you knew this but still, you left me

I saw another side of you, a side I didn't want to ever see or know
But oh, did your true colors finally show

They shined out at me, their grayish skin causing them to look faded
And I guess I should've been grateful, for a lifetime of misery I had just evaded

But, it wasn't so simple; Although my eyes had now been opened
Nothing would ever stop me from hopin'

That one day 
You would come back to me, and that this time, you would stay.

I hated you,
But I needed you.

And you weren't there.

And that’s when I realized something: this is the worst kind of heartbreak, the kind you can’t cure.
It’s the kind that stays with you for the rest of your life. The kind you just have to learn to endure.

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