Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Feel

I feel dizzy with emotions, 
and my head aches with pain. 
It feels like im just going through the motions, 
of life and all its games.

I feel sick with hate, 
for this world and its twisted system. 
I keep dodging my fate, 
trying not to become a victim. 

I feel this bitterness swell inside my heart, 
and i try not to let it show. 
But its ripping me apart, 
and i wonder when i'll finally blow. 

I feel this melancholy pressing down on me, 
stealing my breath away. 
I feel like ive not only lost the key, 
but ive also lost my way.

But as tears threaten to overflow from my eyes, 
i hastily wipe them away. 
Stifling my pain filled cries, 
i tell myself everything is gonna be okay.

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