Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Dance

Bodies, synchronized in movement and flair
That sensual rhythm vibrating in the air
Roving hands...and legs...and feet
Delicately swaying, to no real beat

Writhing, gyrating across the space
Still flowing at one steady pace
Tangled limbs and sweaty beings
 Except for their movements, their minds unseeing

A musky scent fills the room
As fever heats the already too hot flames
Fueled by who. what or whom
Remains to be answered. as well as the question of their names

But to ask any of these questions would devastate the sheer mystery of the dance,
Which  no one dares,
The dance continuing with far more heat than one can bare
No one wanting to disturb the beautifully hypnotizing trance

And as their lyrical movements intensify,
(Becoming so intense that only gravity, they cannot defy,
And even that they come pretty close to)
For their audience, this silent banter will not do

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